The simplest, most effective way for your audience to tell you where you should release your movie.

Demand The Movie™ is a customized, data-acquisition tool designed to identify and increase top fans, true influencers, and group sales through a fully-integrated and branded application.

Demand The Movie Helps Filmmakers...


a list of active, targeted supporters and influencers from day one.


fans to engage others through widgets and social sharing buttons.


the best markets, cities and theaters to release your movie.


large group requests for screenings and licensing opportunities.

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"People aren't quite as influenced by mass-media campaigns anymore. [Consumers] now rely more on buzz and word-of-mouth in movie choices.”

- Marketing executive in USA TODAY"

"Hollywood is made up of a million tiny parts. What drives content is Demand."

- Callie Khouri

"Movie studios are now saying, 'What can I do to reach out and build awareness?'”

- Former studio marketing head in USA TODAY

"Distribution is the last piece of the democratizing puzzle … It’s only a matter of time until legitimate alternative forms of crowd-distribution rise … ironing out the bumps to reveal the new, fully and irreversibly democratized film industry”

-Jeff Steele, TheWrap